Shakespeare Timeline

1564   William Shakespeare and Galileo are born.
1565   Pencils are first manufactured in England.
1567   Two comedies are performed at a Spanish mission in Tequesta, Florida.
1576   The first playhouse in England is run by James Burbage.
1588  Spanish Armada is battered by the English.
1590   Henry VI, Part 1 becomes William Shakespeare’s first play to open    onstage.
1595  Shakespeare writes Romeo and Juliet.
1596  Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is completed.
1599  The Globe Theater is built.  Shakespeare writes Julius Caesar.
1600   Shakespeare writes Hamlet.
1603  James VI of Scotland rises to the English throne after the death of Elizabeth I, uniting England and Scotland under one crown, and takes the new name, James I.
1605    Miguel de Cervantes publishes Don Quixote.
1605-6  Shakespeare writes Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth.
1607  Jamestown, Virginia is founded.
1609  Johannes Kepler establishes that the planets move in an elliptical path around the sun; Galileo builds his first telescope.
1611   The King James Bible is published.
1614  English settler John Rolfe marries Pocahontas, the daughter of a Native American chief.

  1.  William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes both die.

1623   Publication of the First Folio.