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August 4, 2024

By William Shakespeare

Shakespeare meets The Princess Bride in this romantic adventure seamlessly weaving elements of the Bard’s comedy, tragedy, and history into one epic fairy tale of magic and power. When Imogen's father unjustly banishes her beloved, the princess embarks on a mythic quest to prove her loyalty, outwit her wicked stepmother, and reclaim her true love. In this captivating masterpiece, from the zenith of Shakespeare's creativity, a courageous heroine, kind strangers, sinister adversaries, divine beings, poisoned potions, and forgotten princes all play a role in the path toward a happily ever after. · Ages 13+

“Extreme Shakespeare:” This production will be rehearsed akin to the way Shakespeare’s company would have—actors arrive with their lines learned, rehearse on their own, wear what they can find, and open in a matter of days. No directors, no designers. Just great actors, a brilliant play, pure adrenaline, spontaneity, and creativity.

Content Advisory: Cymbeline includes mature plot elements; and contains Shakespearean puns and innuendos.

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